Matronical electronix offers a wide range of services which cater for different prospects in the industry.

Our Expertise:

“Expert PCB assembly services with precision, speed, and quality. State-of-the-art facilities, experienced engineers, and rigorous quality control ensure high-yield production and fast turnaround times. Trust us to deliver exceptional results.”

Consumer Electronics &Communication Systems

Consumer electronics and communication systems circuit board assembly refers to the process of building and integrating electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) for use in various consumer devices and communication systems.

Industrial Automation & Automotive Electronics

Industrial Automation and Automotive Electronics assembly refers to the process of building and integrating electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) for use in control systems, infotainment systems & sensors. etc

Medical Devices

Medical PCBs are the heart of diagnostics and healthcare equipment that undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards. The growing complexity of modern medicine requires high-quality PCBs that can offer precise, repeatable, and safe operations with a long shelf-life. 

Our Main areas of expertise.

Printed circuit boards  (PCBs) play a major role in almost every piece of electronic equipment on Earth. A PCB impacts the overall performance of a device, affecting its reliability, longevity and the speed at which information is transmitted and processed. This is why every PCB should be designed and manufactured by a team with experience producing boards for use in all different types of industries, appliances, devices and machinery which is what we provide.

Electronic Repair Services

“Expert repair solutions for faulty electronic devices, restoring them to optimal functioning with precision and care. Fast turnaround times, reliable repairs, and cost-effective solutions for all your electronic needs.”

Maintenance and Support

“Proactive maintenance and support services to ensure your electronic systems run smoothly and efficiently. Expert technicians provide regular checks, repairs, and upgrades to prevent downtime and extend equipment lifespan.”

Installation and Configuration

“Expert installation and configuration of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. Our technicians handle everything from board mounting to software setup and testing.”

Quality Assurance and Testing

“Thorough quality assurance and testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to ensure defect-free and high-performance products. Our rigorous testing protocols cover electrical, mechanical, and environmental aspects to guarantee reliability and compliance.”

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

“Expert technical support and troubleshooting services for printed circuit boards (PCBs), resolving issues promptly and efficiently. Our team of engineers and technicians provide root cause analysis, repair, and maintenance guidance to get your PCBs up and running smoothly.”

Quality PCB Components supply

“Reliable supply of high-quality PCB components, sourced from trusted vendors and manufacturers. Our inventory includes a wide range of components, from passives to semiconductors, to meet your PCB assembly needs.”

What makes us unique ?

Matronical Electronix offers custom PCB prototype assembly  service to go along with our high-quality fabrication and component procurement services. This includes fast, affordable prototype assembly where we take your unique PCB designs, prepare them for the assembly process and perform comprehensive testing to ensure they meet your precise performance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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